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My Day

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My Day

This is really just a hoop-la post.  A peek into my day.  Today was the last Tues our Classical Conversations Community met for the year.  I think all the parents, students and tutors were ready for Summer break!  I know I sure am.  Which leaves me wondering what the Summer teaching looks like…if anything at all.  I was positive I would do cursive with both Z and E, and maybe I will, but a lot less structured than what I thought.  Seriously these are the little things that wonder throughout my head…all. day. long!!!!  All in all, all four children are doing very well in academics.  Even Silas has come a long way in speech this past year.  Him and K have a few more weeks…yippee!

The past two days have been GORGEOUS!  I can’t stay inside when its this nice and there are no mosquitoes present.  I started a crazy flower garden project without my husband’s help…I won’t do that again.  Call me crazy but I was in flip flops and no gloves ripping out solid HARD sod.  Three hours…tiny patch = blister on thumb and sore feet.  What was I thinking?  I wasn’t!!!!  He jumped in today and ripped out twice as much as I did yesterday in less than 1/4 of the time.  No wondering who the real gardener is in our family!  He really is handy.

I took Z to spend the $10 she won at the Skating rink.  She is so smart and wants to get the best bang for her buck!  She got THREE toys!  Two mini My Little Ponies and a bath Barbie with a dolphin.  It was really about the dolphin, she could care less for Barbie.

All my children LOVE to run barefoot in the warm weather.  None of my children LOVE to take showers or even wash their feet before bed.  YUCK!!!!  I got the sheer pleasure of washing Eli’s feet in the sink.  I can’t even begin to communicate how much I HATE feet, especially dirty feet.  I remember last Summer swearing that I was going to take all of them to get a Pedi and that it would be worth every penny spent.  Ya well, I dug all my little supplies out, clipped, scrubbed, washed and removed dirt (probably left over from last Summer) from under those cute little toes. The melt downs (mostly from the oldest boy) oh my, you would think I was going to cut his toe off!  Why won’t they just wear shoes?  Will I really miss this part when they are grown up?  I’m not so sure.

Brett helped me get my strawberry plants covered this evening before he left for a meeting.  Its been on my to-do list for awhile, I refuse to share with the birds.  Call my selfish. I’m a lover of strawberries!  Then me and the kids cleaned up all the toys in the yard and then put them all away in the garage.  Exhausting. Did the rest of the evening chores including music practice.  (Z and E are both doing very well. Eli had a honors recital this past Sunday)  I was getting really tired.  All the kids had an ice cream after supper.  I remembered I had picked up some yummylicious Strawberry Coconut ice cream from Trader Joes when I was in Chicago.  Yum!  How could I forget???  I got all the kids cleaned up and tucked in to bed, and I made a bee line for the freezer…only to find it not there.  I then remembered I left it at my sister-in-law’s.  sniff. sniff.  I really hope she enjoyed it.

So that is a small peek into my day.  Minus all the “crazy-losing-it-momma” moments I have when the kids run in and out the back door a million bazillion trillion times a day, for what you may be wondering???  A dwink.  I need a dwink.  A dwink.  Another dwink. Momma, I tursty, I need a dwink.  I think I will miss that!



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  1. Kristine says:

    Great job homeschool Mommy! Happy Teacher Appreciation week! Your kids are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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