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1st broken bone of my 5 children!

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1st broken bone of my 5 children!

Oh goodness…my once a month post was nearing a deadline!  I truly want to blog every week, but time just doesn’t allow that to happen.  Sometimes I think in blog, it sounds like this “If I was to blog today I would talk about the crushed barbie I walked over in the road today, because some days that is how I feel!” or “today I would write about the man at church who commented on my large family and how much laundry I must do and when I asked him if he would like to come help sometime…he said no he already put his time in as a parent and did laundry, but he could give me money to take it to the laundry mat”  or “today I would write about Silas’ broken arm and the freak trampoline accident (true story) and how we spent hours in the hospital and how God was faithful….ok so that is what I will write about tonight.

Last Wednesday was homeschool gymnastics day!  WoooHooo…so fun!  Friends, lots of friends…running, jumping, bouncing all in one big room with an awesome gymnastics coach and cool beams, bars, tramps etc.  My two littles Si & K are usually at public school during this time but it was Spring Break, so they went with us.  They love the long tramp and jumping into the foam pit.  And had we just stayed there, all would have been smooth sailing but instead we went to the extra bouncy trampoline.  Not the type you have in your backyard.  No this beast shoots you FEET into the air.  Silas has never been great on his feet anyway, and I had just shared that with the Momma next to me.

Minutes later my little man went up and came down, landing ON THE TRAMPOLINE, but also ON HIS ARM.  He cried. I thought for sure he dislocated his shoulder based upon the way he landed. I saw it all… Neck hyper extended, shoulder pushed down.  I picked up my baby.  He was whiny, not screaming.  I took him to the coach who looked it over and suggested taking him for an X-Ray.  (I wondered while driving one block to the ER if THAT location to build the gym was perfectly thought out!)  In my mind we are gonna jump in, get it popped back in and be on our way.  NOT.WHAT. HAPPENED!  We got right into the ER, but…

(warning small rant)…why, oh why do they feel the need to take blood pressure and weight with a child crying out in pain???  Hellloooooo!  (don’t comment and tell me why, I really don’t care…I know its protocol, but its still ridiculous).  Within an hour they gave him morphine and confirmed it was indeed broke.  And by this time, you could also see it poking out above his elbow.  And he was crying, scared and just wanted Daddy.

Brett was on his way to the hospital by this time.  I’m a weenie and don’t do hospital visits or doctor visits by myself with four kids.  Its ok, I have come to accept this of myself.  Not an area I’m strong in.  But Brett also doesn’t do broken bones well!  Having had broken SEVEN of his own during his lifetime, its understandable.  He is texting “I can’t do this!”  I finally tell him he is gonna have to man up because this is HIS child!!!!  Who has been crying for him since I picked him up off the trampoline!  We team it so good together, cause I don’t do IVs!  Brett stays with him for that and I stay with him for the temporary set.  Its perfect!  God is GOOD!

Not only was God good is teaming Brett and I together as awesome parents and that Si’s arm was only broken and not broken through the skin seeping blood, but he was also GOOD in providing 2 wonderful Christian homeschooling Mommas to step up to the plate to watch my other two kids (who were still at gymnastics).  These two God sends are so sweet.  They kept my older two kiddos the better part of the day.  Fed them, prayed over Silas with them gave them toys and company with their little friends…it was wonderful!  AND while I took K with me to the cafeteria to grab lunch, God dropped another angel in our lap who paid for all of our lunch!  I hadn’t felt so much love from other Mommas in a long time.

After the IV and arm were set, it was then time to wait for the doctor….and we all know how this goes!  They operate on a different clock than the rest of the world.

I went home with K and we grabbed an hour nap before the other kids came home.  We all had supper together and then a wonderful couple offered to stay with all three kids and put them to bed, so I could be at the hospital when Si came out of surgery.  No one offers to do this for free…ever!

Si finally went in for surgery at 4:35pm.  The Doc was GREAT.  Well known in our area and has a good reputation for his work.  He answered my questions and Si was recovering very well.  We were all home by 8pm.

God was faithful.  God was merciful.  God was kind, rather generous really.  It wasn’t at all the day I had planned, but it was the day God had planned.  Isaiah 55:8  “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. And Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  These verses filter through my head as I sit in my messed up, unplanned day!
Here are two pics, I hope to post the one of Si and Brett soon…it is precious (its on my phone).  God Bless.




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