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Simple yet so profound…

Seeking Justice. Loving Mercy Walking humbly with my God. Micah 6:8

Simple yet so profound…

The moment I wake up my mind is spinning 100+ mph (or whatever, I don’t lay there for an hour…seriously like my kids would ever allow that!).  The typical morning is I need to do this and that oh and scrub the tubs today and change bed sheets, and teach teach teach (that has to be a top priority as a homeschooling family…I cannot forget that one; don’t worry, I never FORGET).  Then pinterest (let’s just stay off social media today b/c I have too much to do today.  Oh and I should take the kids to the library and then maybe the park.  Perhaps DQ for breakfast, wait lunch.  I should reach out to my BFF, I miss her!  Oh and I have to memorize all the Bible Scriptures to sign language for CC and and and and.  That’s just a watered down sample of my ADD mind at 5:30am.
And then….I read something so simple, yet so profound!
“There is hard work in surrendering to God.  Being a follower of Christ is all about getting to know the heart of God and having a close relationship.  The best part is, this relationship is the only one we take into heaven.  So I must choose to get to know Jesus.  If I don’t, the end of my life could look like this: I walk slowly up to the pearly gates and wait while someone checks to see if my name is in the BOOK.  I then walk forward to shake Jesus’ hand, but I walk slowly because I don’t know him that well.  For me, getting to know Him better means that I’ll run through the pearly gates, jump into the Lord’s lap, give him a big hug AND FINISH THE CONVERSATION WE STARTED THAT MORNING.” -Meg Wilson (emphasis added)
Simple, yet so profound.  I don’t do that!  Obviously, read that messy 1st paragraph.  And so I woke up one morning and said, “HI GOD.”  I think I ever chuckled a bit.  How silly of me not to run to the creator FIRST thing every morning!  Don’t get me wrong I pray with my husband before he leaves for work, so we do pray in the “morning.”  But I’m not giving God the very first part of my day, my thoughts, my life, my day!  So I have started…
“HI GOD!  Its so hard!  Thank you for my wonderful blessings.  Please give me the strength for the day for all you have created me to be.”
He promised he would…give me that strength and he also said  Have A Relaxed Day.  I love you, we got this together.

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”


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