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Gingerbread House

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Gingerbread House

We have decorated our home for Christmas.  I love it.  I enjoy creating our home into a space of beauty and sparkles with handmade items by the kids, my Willow Tree Nativity, the Santa that slowly moves his arms and ofcourse our bratty elf Markle Fisby.

Eli and I were admiring his Gingerbread house he made during his last December at St. Johns School.  Its so neat….with a cardboard milk carton as it base and each little gumdrop in its place, a pretzel chimney, a chewy ring for a wreath and a candy cane at the door.  Precious!  All held together by glue, so it would last years.

We had such a long day yesterday.  Started the morning at the tree farm picking out tree our and playing tree farm tag in the mud (it rained the whole day before, thank goodness for mud boots). Then Zahavah and I enjoyed a tea party, decorated our tree in the afternoon and spent the evening enjoying Christmas in the Heart of Charleston.  Busy, busy, day.

As Brett and I were rounding up the children for bed.  I noticed Z was chomping on something.  I said, “Z whats in your mouth?”  She was hesitant to tell me, but we have been “driving home” how important it is to always tell the truth.  Z confessed, “its a candy off that Gingerbread house!”  (insert jaw drop and chuckle here)  Me:  “Z THAT house isn’t like the ones we made last year with icing, that house was made with glue, its not for eating, its just for decoration!  Go spit that out and brush your teeth again.”  It was one of those many moments that I love as a mommy…cute and innocent.

But it makes me wonder…how many things in our life are we tempted to enjoy that were NOT meant for us.  What do you need to spit out of your life?

 Tree Farm


 Wonderful tea party
 Christmas in the Heart of Charleston
Notice the candy cane at the door is missing…chomp chomp!


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