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A quick snap view of homeschooling since we started

Seeking Justice. Loving Mercy Walking humbly with my God. Micah 6:8

A quick snap view of homeschooling since we started

I’m clueless today where to start because there is so much I would love to write about since we started back in Feb.  I promise I won’t always write about just homeschooling…I’ll write about life too.  For now…we all love blogs with pictures, so here we go….

 Sensory pans…lots of people doing it…I did two…I’m not so sure!
 Field trips are AWESOME.  My silly kids called this a gerbil, but Zahavah knew better!
 They love the goats, we need to get back to see the babies.
 We love our local gymnastics homeschool group.  Eli saw Mr. Zack yesterday at church…he just thought that was so cool!
 We do art…here Eli is learning to draw.  He is really good!
 Science experiment with Apples.  LOVE LOVE LOVE Apologia Science!  Which apple would you eat?
 More Apologia Science…we made an edible cell!


 And more Science…we just love Science (can u tell?)  Here we are studying bones.  We made clay people with bones and without bones (toothpicks)!


The guy on the far left…well, he has lots of broken bones sticking out!
Hope you enjoyed some of the things we have done!!!!!
I’ll write about the Classical Conversations part of their education some other time.


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