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Seeking Justice. Loving Mercy Walking humbly with my God. Micah 6:8


Its Monday.  Mondays are always rough.  Gettin back into the swing of things…homeschooling, messes from the weekend, a pile of laundry that is screaming my name…life.  Today I have a head cold and the earth is covered in a blanket of white.  Its freezing outside.  I’m content to stay inside ALL day.  I’m takin it easy…drinkin coffee and listenin to HighRoad “Angel at the crossroads” CD…lovin it!  I’m reflecting on the weekend we had.  In spite of head colds we still had our Valentines Day Party.  Our first one as homeschoolers.  Feb 14th marked one year to the day that we brought our children home to be with us all the time, to be educated here at home.  One of the scariest but most rewarding and challenging things we ever did.  We celebrated Valentines Day with two homeschool families that are near and dear to us.  We talked about that day one year ago and how it was the best decision for our family. We chatted over yummy sweets, played a few games with 15 wonderful kiddos (and legos and dolls), took some fun silly photos, laughed and smiled and ate lunch together.  We were encouraged.

Yesterday at church…I was so blessed!   As I walked into church I spotted his tiny little precious face….a boy I once knew.  He was just a baby, but dearly loved and cared for through foster care. He is nine now.  Interesting how God crosses paths in life.

I’m reminded how faithful God is. In the midst of pain and suffering and confusion He is here.  The battle is won. And yet this side of heaven is anything but pain free. I get sad when I think about kiddos without a mommy or daddy because of death, cancer or neglect etc.  The bondage of addiction and the pain it causes. Satan’s lies to seek and destroy.  But the battle is WON! It is FINISHED. There is victory in His truths.  I wanna rest in that…peace.

Hebrews 13:8  “Jesus Christ IS the same yesterday and today and forever.”










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