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Hard but worth it

Seeking Justice. Loving Mercy Walking humbly with my God. Micah 6:8

Hard but worth it

Its the last day of July, which means school is approaching. YIPPEE! Even as homeschoolers it’s an exciting time. I clean all our bookshelves and declutter the art closet and drawers. I buy our workbooks (the kids literally cheer about this) for the up coming year and register for Classical Conversations. Everyone enjoys new crayons, markers, and folders…so I buy those. We have only homeschooled for a full year and 1/2 now, so I can’t tell you when the excitement wears down, but it does. The great thing about homeschooling is I can schedule breaks anytime we like and we can get reenergized again! Its been an intense Summer (still is). A friend wrote a blog post about life being HARD, but still great…and she is so right! That has been my Summer. The little boys add an element that made it incredibly difficult to school at all this Summer…so we didn’t! I know! *gasp* It was in the plans, but its ok. My plans are not God’s plans and this Summer other things (like child training and play) were way more important than conquering math and cursive. HARD. Its all hard. The balance, the training, the new crazy Summer schedule, the new testing of limits that comes every few months…with each child! I had a woman ask me this week about homeschooling, Brett and I were very straightforward with her. We said things like, “its so hard, but its worth it,” “you will never be ready to start,” “the first six months I wondered what in the world I got myself into!”…all those things are true, but when God calls you and you are obedient…it works. It doesn’t mean its easy, very few days are, but its worth it. There are things I wouldn’t trade…cuddles with my kids while reading books, naps with them, watching that little light bulb go off when the finally understand, the excitement of learning, learning what they each enjoy and are eager to learn more about…it is great, but its hard. But when its hard, God shows up. He gets to show off his majesticness! (it’s a word) I think he waits for us to crumble and humble ourselves so he can prove his faithfulness. Its also the time when we have to accept we can’t do it on our own either (and even that’s hard to admit).


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