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Seeking Justice. Loving Mercy Walking humbly with my God. Micah 6:8

Satan Doesn’t Win

Day 2 of the writing conference… I knew God had me right where he wanted me.  Three months prior in the foyer of my Home Church in Illinois a lady and I had an encounter.  We were sharing our pain with one another.  I had mentioned that I need to write a book and she…
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A Gut Punch Gift from a Stranger

I went to a three day writer’s conference this week.  It was fantastic!  I soaked in so much knowledge my brain still hurts!  I have a story for each day.  This is from day 1… The beautiful Beth Moore had just finished speaking and eager fans beelined to meet her.  Two lines had formed to…
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A Visitor

Its been an incredibly rough week.  On Wednesday our cat Onyx was hit and killed by a car. I’m one of those people who kind of made light about pet death, but oh goodness how the Lord has changed me!  She was my son’s cat, but my therapy cat. She woke me up every morning…
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My Day

This is really just a hoop-la post.  A peek into my day.  Today was the last Tues our Classical Conversations Community met for the year.  I think all the parents, students and tutors were ready for Summer break!  I know I sure am.  Which leaves me wondering what the Summer teaching looks like…if anything at…
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1st broken bone of my 5 children!

Oh goodness…my once a month post was nearing a deadline!  I truly want to blog every week, but time just doesn’t allow that to happen.  Sometimes I think in blog, it sounds like this “If I was to blog today I would talk about the crushed barbie I walked over in the road today, because…
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8 yrs ago today…

Its January 5th, 2007 6pm in the evening.  My dear friend Elisha Houk-Farmer is shooting some fantastic pictures of me and my fantastically huge belly.  I’m due any day, a boy!  I always dreamed of having a son. Elisha knows how to work magic, she is draping me, turning me, adding Brett into a couple…
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