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Seeking Justice. Loving Mercy Walking humbly with my God. Micah 6:8

What’s Your Battle?

We are all in a battle.  Scripture says in Ephesians 6:12, “For our struggle (battle) is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” I hate politics.  I love my freedom.  It’s a…
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Knock Knock! Who’s there? Satan.

Satan who?  I know his tantalizing voice.  Do you? You are not good enough. You are too fat to be loved or wanted This is all your fault. You are a horrible mother. You are stupid. sometimes with a twist of truth… No one wants to be your friend your too forward. You are an…
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The Dragon

I believe busy is evil.  It’s what keeps us separated, desperate and distracted from what really matters.  It’s the reason I haven’t written a blog post since July!  I even have a beautiful new website…which should be motivation to keep me focused.  I recently moved to the South.  I’m meeting loads of new people from…
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Satan Doesn’t Win

Day 2 of the writing conference… I knew God had me right where he wanted me.  Three months prior in the foyer of my Home Church in Illinois a lady and I had an encounter.  We were sharing our pain with one another.  I had mentioned that I need to write a book and she…
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A Gut Punch Gift from a Stranger

I went to a three day writer’s conference this week.  It was fantastic!  I soaked in so much knowledge my brain still hurts!  I have a story for each day.  This is from day 1… The beautiful Beth Moore had just finished speaking and eager fans beelined to meet her.  Two lines had formed to…
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The Wisdom of Tenderness #2

Still slowly going through the book.  Devouring precious nuggets of wisdom. I love a good book! This entry won’t be near as long as the last.  Partly because I don’t want to share everything with you…I want you to get the book and read it!  Same as before, I’m going to highlight sentences from the…
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The Wisdom of Tenderness by Brennan Manning

I’m reading “The Wisdom of Tenderness” by Brennan Manning…and to say its a good book, would be an understatement. I’ll share some of the things that found worth repeating. My thoughts are in the parantheseis, most emphasis is mine. -If we accept the revelation of Jesus that God is Father, that there’s “one God and…
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I honestly don’t know how people manage social media between blogging, fb, twitter, instagram, pinterest, and periscope its really a bit too much!  I gave up on twitter and myspace a long time ago. I love to blog, facebook, pinterest and I’m new to instagram.  Just those few…is still too much for me! Anyways, all…
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A lifetime of learning

I’m stubborn and hard headed.  Sometimes it takes me a few (ok, maybe more than a few) lessons before I “get it.”  I’m just being honest.  Brett and I have so much on our plates right now.  We only have two nights a week that are not commited to something. But I must say, adding…
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Grandma’s Shaw

I love Fall.  The cool crisp mornings, the falling leaves, harvest time in Illinois…brrr. This morning I’m wrapped up in a shawl I made for my Great Grandmother.  She passed away and the shawl came back to me.  I love it, as did she.  Its warm. It reminds me of her. I can still see…
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